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Supported by The Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation, The Koret Foundation, the Estate of Mort Fleishhacker, and the students of Lehrhaus Judaica

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Talmud Circle Siyyum with Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

The Annual Bay Area Community Talmud Circle Steinsaltz Shiur and Siyyum on June 5, 2016, at the Jewish Community Library was a fulfilling and stimulating success.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
Talmud Circle students and our faculty, Rabbi Ilana Goldhaber-Gordon, Professor Deena Aranoff and Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan learned with Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz in a question and answer conversation.  

The first part answered the question, “Kriyat Sh'ma and The Tefillah: How Can They Possibly Fit Together?” 

The second addressed the meaning of Jerusalem Day (June 5) and responses to questions posed by our students.

A guide to the responses was provided and a robust community discussion illuminated and expanded the learning.

You can find links to the videos and the guide here.

Shiur Guide

Kiryat Sh'ma and the Shemonah Esreh

Talmud Circle Students and Rabbi Steinsaltz Questions and Answers

We are grateful for the partnership with the Aleph Society of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, the hospitality of the Jewish Community Library, and the support of the Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation, the Koret Foundation, the Fleishhacker Fund, and the students of Lehrhaus Judaica.

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